Photograph of 2 pens, the family travel journal and a PooliPrint portable printer.

Family Travel Journal

Family Travel Journal

Capture Your next Family Vacay

Photograph of a stack of old photos with text that reads, "Who has time for scrapbooking?"

So you went on the family vacay of a lifetime and collected bits and bobs of all things travel-y to commemorate your experiences… but now what? Typically, all those lovely ticket stubs, subway cards, brochures, bar coasters and the like end up gathering dust in a pile. Your scrap-booking dreams tend to go up in smoke after a few months back in reality - at best, after you’ve finally tossed the dusty ephemera, you may stumble across an image in your phone from your trip, but other than that, there’s nothing tangible to share with other family members or friends.

And I don’t know about you, but my memory is forever “making room” (some people refer to this as “forgetting”) for new memories.

But good news! In preparation for a big family trip to Ireland this summer, I’ve crafted an interactive family Travel Journal where we can all participate in the writing, collecting of stuff and any other documentation of our wild adventures.

Photograph of family travel journal; title reads "The _(blank) Family Trip to: _(blank)"
Image contains 3 example pages from the Family Travel Journal - one that is a daily itinerary sheet, one that is a lined sheet with a quote and one that is a sheet for recording favorite experiences.

What It's Got:

  • 9 spots to list your “Crew Members”
  • 3 weeks of Weekly Planning Sheets
  • 17 Daily Itinerary Sheets
  • A page for “Best Quotes of the Trip”
  • A page for “Culture Shock” notes
  • 12 spots for Food Memories
  • 6 “Favorite Experiences” Sheets
  • 6 “Memorabilia” Sheets
  • 38 lined pages interspersed with Travel-themed Quotes for Daily Journal Entries
Image is a Memorabilia page from the Family Travel Journal featuring a lined page with some travel themed graphics along the edge.  Also has 2 blank spots for photographs or other ephemera.
Image shows an example filled out journal page from the family travel journal. Top of page has an entry about a food experience. Bottom of image has text that says, "Personalize Every Page" and a graphic of a pen and pencil
Image shows a Week at a Glance Planning sheet from the Family Travel Journal

We’ve already been generating some cool ideas for how to document our days, such as:

  • Using our PooliPrint to make photo stickers to put anywhere and everywhere in the book
  • Using our Instax camera to have actual pictures you can touch (GASP!) instead of telling ourselves we’ll print out the digital ones
  • Designating a collector of paper things we might want to paste in (we shall dub her “Stubs” in honor of her important job)
  • Assigning the best photographer OR doodler to document pictures of food (because our family is very food-motivated)
Photograph of 2 pens, the family travel journal and a PooliPrint portable printer.

What are the best ways you’ve come up with to make your trip memories last? Share in the comments below!

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